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Projects that can be adapted to all needs, discover our capacity to create made-to-measure products elegant and functional, thanks to the artisan ability that has been characterizing our company for fifty years.

Exclusive solutions with the finest Italian craftsmanship,
in a modern or traditional style

By the experience gained over many years, we are able to create exclusive solutions with the finest Italian craftsmanship, in a modern or traditional style according to our client's needs and aspirations.

Once the concept stage is fixed, the technical team becomes completely involved, so the design first through working drawings can be fully coordinated across all disciplines and later, construction information can be verified by shop drawings approval.

Besana supervises the quality of the works throughout the fabrication, assembling, construction and fit-out phases.

This is performed with finalization of a specification manual which contains all information for technical handling and installation of each item, product.

Each contractor and suppliers are called to get available and perform their ability in order to achieve the best quality standards for the delivery.
Customized products come pre-assembled and assembled dry, to check every parts and every details. Technology and tradition blend as the final act of a process of exclusive quality made in Italy.

The label attached on each package on shipment contains: article code and building/shop/room identification related to the id specification list. Care of items and products proceeds to final approval of quality control of colors and compliance of materials quality before shipping.

Careful packing of each item is adopted and palletized boxes with rational lay-out of volumes organization in the truck or container load is assisted.