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The pleasure of tradition revisited through a refined design is the result of this collection with exclusive pieces. High quality of Besana production is strictly Made in Italy, result of an experience that has been lasting for a century and has its origin in Brianza, the heart of Italian furniture history.

Besana has the right to make on its products the changes considered more appropriate at any time and without any warning.
The lacquers, woods, leathers, fabrics and glasses are shown here just as indication.


Ascot Ascot Breva Breva Brezza Brezza Classic Classic Domino Domino Ego Ego Gala Gala Geode Geode Graff Graff Melika Melika Online Online Polo Polo Trend Trend Vetrina Vetrina Way Way

Walk-in closets

Cabina armadio Cabina armadio Open Open

Drawers sets

Boboli Boboli Edoardo Edoardo Elegance Elegance Jazz Jazz Lavinia Lavinia Online Online Silver Silver Square Square

Bedside tables

Aurora Aurora Edoardo Edoardo Elegance Elegance Lavinia Lavinia Online Online Poggio Poggio Silver Silver Square Square

Sofas and Armchairs

Ada Ada Berenice Berenice Master Master Terzo armchair Terzo armchair Terzo sofa Terzo sofa


Aurora Aurora Carlotta Carlotta Charlotte Charlotte Edoardo Edoardo Elena Elena Gilda Gilda Lavinia Lavinia Morning Morning Pivot Pivot Taide Taide William William


Concerto Concerto Concerto 02 Concerto 02 Concerto 03 Concerto 03 Concerto 04 Concerto 04 Concerto 05 Concerto 05 Concerto 06 Concerto 06 Concerto 07 Concerto 07 Concerto 08 Concerto 08 Concerto 09 Concerto 09 Concerto 10 Concerto 10 Concerto 11 Concerto 11 Concerto 12 Concerto 12 Concerto 13 Concerto 13 Concerto 14 Concerto 14 Concerto 15 Concerto 15 Concerto 16 Concerto 16 Concerto 17 Concerto 17 Concerto 18 Concerto 18 Concerto 19 Concerto 19 Domus Nova Domus Nova Time Time Time 01 Time 01 Time 02 Time 02 Time 07 Time 07 Time 09 Time 09 Time 19 Time 19 Time 21 Time 21


Artex Artex Boboli Boboli Cristall Cristall Domino Domino Domus Nova Domus Nova Fly Fly Jazz Jazz Prisma Prisma Reflex Reflex Sestante Sestante Square Square Star Star Time Time Time 08 Time 08


Edoardo Edoardo Lavinia Lavinia


Ice Ice Land Land


Office four Office four Office one Office one Office two Office two Peonia Peonia


Costes Costes Ginevra Ginevra Lady Lady Paolina Paolina Sestante Sestante Tecla Tecla Thea Thea Tullia Tullia Urban Urban


Comosole Comosole Ego Ego Loto Loto Prisma Prisma Teatro Teatro


019 019 Arthur Arthur Bellagio Bellagio Joy Joy Sestante Sestante Soul Soul Taorè Taorè Tau Tau

Small tables

Bridge Bridge Cernobbio Cernobbio Mosaico Mosaico Saar Saar Tazio Tazio Up Up You You